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Update 3.2.22 - The ticket request period has ended and ticket status emails have been sent.

Tickets for the summer tour go on-sale to the public beginning Friday, March 4th. Specific ticketing information for each show is available at phish.com/tours

Travel Packages go on-sale starting Thursday, March 3rd at 10AM local venue time. No password or pre-registration is required to purchase. For more information please go HERE

A limited number of tickets are now being offered for the upcoming Phish summer tour via a ticket request period. All requests, regardless of when they are placed, are treated equally in the system.

Please note the following important changes to the ticket request process:

  • Tickets will be mobile delivery.
  • If you are granted tickets, you will receive a separate ticket confirmation email for each show that you are granted tickets. Each show will be charged in a separate transaction between February 25th and March 2nd. The charge(s) on your card will be from * Phish Tickets.
  • You will receive a ticket request summary email when processing is complete. This email will let you know the status of all of the shows on your ticket request.
  • Each multi-day ticket is one mobile ticket you will use each night for entry. You cannot split a multi-day ticket into individual show tickets.
  • Tickets to the Toronto show must be requested in their own, separate request. Tickets for this show will be charged in CAD.

  • This form serves as a request form only.

    Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will receive tickets - you are not actually purchasing anything at this time.

    Our allotment of tickets includes all levels of seat quality and price levels including seats behind the stage. If your ticket request is granted, you will not know your seat locations until after your order is finalized and it is non-refundable.

    All requests are subject to availability.

    No Refunds. No Exchanges.

    Please do not submit multiple requests (except if you are placing a request for a US and Canada show), as this will not increase your chance of receiving tickets and may result in a low priority assignment or even rejection of your requests.

    The price listed on the ticket request is the highest priced ticket you can expect to purchase should you be granted tickets. If you choose best available and are selected for tickets and the highest priced tickets are no longer available you may be granted reserved tickets and will be charged the appropriate amount.

    When you place your request, an authorization of either $0.00 or $1.00 is sent to your bank to ensure your card is valid. This authorization is immediately reversed. You will only be charged if you are granted tickets. This authorization does not mean that you are granted tickets and it will disappear from your pending charges. The time it takes for this authorization to disappear depends on your bank.

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    In order to verify you, please log in at ticketstoday.com, go to My Tickets in the menu, then click on the Request link.